Unleash Your Gaming Style #gadgets

Unleash Your Gaming Style #gadgets

Unleash Your Gaming Style #gadgets

Pixels – https://bit.ly/3dEszQD

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Pixels pixels is the coolest Gadget we Are going to be sharing with you in this Video pixels is an ultimate Light Up Dice that is full of LEDs smarts and no Larger than regular dice these LEDs are Customizable so you can light up your Games whenever and however you desire It's RGB LEDs are also controllable to Make itself the most flexible and Possible to your liking these dice are Incredibly strong smooth and sharp they Work for several hours for the time you Have fully charged them after which you Can simply recharge them with its Accompanying case pixels know the way They roll and can easily communicate With your phone or tablet via Bluetooth This means they will work with DND Beyond roll 20 Foundry vtt or any one of Your favorite online platforms do you Want more customization download its Accompanying app and you can decide how The dice light up or create a specific Color theme and more this electronic Dice costs 13 it's a reasonable price Isn't it