Holon vehicle | World’s First Autonomous Electric Mover

Holon vehicle | World's First Autonomous Electric Mover

Full Video – https://youtu.be/N0pdTR6SzUc
Holon vehicle – https://www.driveholon.com/en/

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All right buckle up for this one or Don't because the whole on autonomous Car has arrived and it's taking the Driving Experience to do Frontiers Autonomously So this is a self-driving car it looks Like a bus because it kind of is one It's designed to be like a lift carpool But one that drives itself do I still Have to tip it and who cleans up with my Drunk ex-girlfriend throws up in the cup Holder yeah Sarah I know about that Besides being a mode of transportation For people they also want it to move Items in fact they call this product a Mover as in move her on down the road Overall this is a very cool vehicle Concept that could be very useful who do I sue if it hits me