High-Tech Coolest Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now

High-Tech Coolest Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now

High Tech Coolest Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now

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Future Tech Storefront – https://amzn.to/3iwYRCb
Soree – https://bit.ly/3w9jWEr
Omnicharge – https://amzn.to/3GOKXEQ
BrightLoc – https://bit.ly/3GPU6xf | https://amzn.to/3CvRYYI
Rubbee X – https://bit.ly/2KiXDDW
Pulsetto – https://bit.ly/3GMRgc4
PhoneQuad – https://bit.ly/3FsI7ne
Viking Forge Camping Axe – https://bit.ly/3uVvkEQ | https://amzn.to/3CsSWVS
Oxa – https://bit.ly/3Zh1Y1U
Honbike UNI4 – https://bit.ly/3V0lrAm
My SuperCase – https://igg.me/at/mysupercase/x#/
Kincase – https://bit.ly/3ipdWpB

Lensko_Lets – https://youtu.be/mSLuJYtl89Y

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3:16 Pulsetto
4:03 PhoneQuad
4:53 Viking Forge Camping Axe
5:31 Oxa
6:15 Honbike UNI4
7:00 My SuperCase
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WOAH! What is goin' on?! Is my phone havin' a party of its own? Is that picture frame jammin' out its favorite
tunes? I must say, this choker is totally to DIE
for! It's safe to say this video has some SERIOUSLY
wild products! Soree- If you're someone who loves to leave your
guests scratching their heads in confusion, This product is just the thing! Soree is a fancy, customizable frame SPEAKER
that will make your walls look snazzy and Give off a unique atmosphere that's all your
own. Its patented vibration mechanism means sound
will pour evenly throughout the room for a Rich, balanced acoustic experience. The magnetic frame lets you swap out images
as easily as you change your mind, so you Can adjust the energy of the room on a whim! Who knows, you could even play Morgan Freeman's
voice over a picture of Jesus and have a good Chuckle. Soree will make your home the life of the
party! Omnicharge- This here is what ya call a real THICC boi! Phone dead? Laptop, too? Power out in your place? You know, the usual… Well, no need to worry, Omnicharge's got your
back! Enter the convenient Omnicharge 20+ – the
mobile power hub designed with a whopping 20,000mAh Li-ion battery. Plus, it's loaded with all the ports you'd
ever need. AC outlet? Check. Wireless charging? Check. At a svelte 1.35 pounds, you can easily fit
it into your bag or purse. And, we all know size matters – and with this
lil' guy, it definitely does!

Flip it over and you'll find a power button,
charging port selection buttons, and an OLED Display. It'll show you all the important info – like
how many ports you've got in use, the battery Level, and temperature. Bam. BrightLoc- Ever have one of those days where you're out
cycling, minding your own business, when all Of a sudden some pesky driver gets a little
too close for comfort? Or maybe you're just looking for a way to
make your bike stand out from the rest. Well, we've got just the thing for you! BrightLoc has created a tough-as-nails U-lock
made of hardened steel with a keyed double Deadbolt for optimal protection to enhance
bicycle safety and prevent property theft. To create the perfect riding accessory, the
engineers combined this with a sophisticated 360-degree lighting system of LED modules
that can attach and detach from the lock. The BrightLoc technology provides theft prevention
as well as a significantly larger visual look Than what motorists are used to seeing on
the road. Now you'll stand out even more than you already
do, like a meerkat maybe. Rubbee X- So, we're on the subject of bicycles… and
I have a SHOCKING new reveal for you. I hope it doesn't actually shock you, that'd
be bad for sales. Rubbee is a bit different from previous kits
you may have seen. Why? Well, it's a self-contained gadget that doesn't
require any sophisticated shenanigans with Your bike to get things moving; the Rubbee
X simply fits the seat tube and applies pressure To the rear tire. Yes, that's really it! Simply connect a bracket to the seat post
and insert your Rubbee X. After you've secured the bracket to your seat
tube with the Rubbee X, lower it onto the Tire and watch the magic happen. You'll be zooming away on your cute little
Rubbee X-powered bike. Pulsetto- Achoo! Bless you. You ever stop and think about why we're so
stressed out all the time?

It's all because of that pesky VAGUS nerve! But lucky for us, I've discovered the magical
cure – Pulsetto! You heard me right – Pulsetto. It's the small, LED powered device that could
solve all our woes. Slip it in your pocket and kiss your problems
goodbye. Stimulate the vagus nerve with Pulsetto to
control and reduce your stress and anxiety. And that's not all – it can even help you
sleep like a baby! Ah, so convenient! With Pulsetto by your side, you won't ever
have to feel the pressures of hypertension, Heart disease, or stroke ever again. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Pulsetto and say hello to stress-free
days and restful nights! PhoneQuad- I was always pondering to myself 'what magnificent
smart phone invention could possibly be the Next big thing?'. Little did I comprehend it would actually
be PHONES THAT FRICKING FLY!! Like, am I in the world of Star Trek or something? Who came up with this ingenious invention? Lord Farquad, apparently, and they even gave
this great invention his name – PhoneQuad. Mind-blowing! It's basically like an ultimate selfie stick. With an Airframe, you can attach any iOS or
Android phone and simply let go. Transforming regular phones into tiny drones,
the PhoneQuad can respond to your verbal commands, Being connected to your headphones via Bluetooth
and a cool voice recognition software. Whether you're hosting a party or doing a
photoshoot all you need is your very own magical Floating phone companion, and there you have
it! Viking Forge Camping Axe- You want to be like Kratos? Well, look no further – we have the perfect
weapon for your heroic endeavors! Say hello to the Viking Forge Camping Axe! Light and compact, this axe fits right on
your belt or bag without weighing you down – but make no mistake, it never fails to deliver
in terms of raw power. The handle is a smooth and beautiful rosewood,
while the blade is as cold and menacing as The icy winds of Asgard.

All that’s left for you to do is pick it
up and start a reign of terror, like the mighty Kratos himself! It’s time to unleash the power of the Norse
gods and make Odin feel your wrath. Oxa- Did you ever stop to think how absolutely
amazing it is to breathe? And believe it or not, we can all get even
better at it! Meet Oxa, the revolutionary wearable device
that can help you unlock your breathing potential And take your well-being to the next level! A sophisticated system of sensors, RIP technology
for breath monitoring, ECG for heart monitoring, And infrared sensing for skin temperature
all come together in a small device the size Of a cent. But that's not all – you also get proprietary
algorithms for superior data accuracy, creative Content for breathing exercises, and a sleek,
sensitive user interface for tracking your Mental state. So now, rather than my handsome face taking
your breath away, let Oxa do the trick! Honbike Uni4- Coming in on this list we have yet anoooother
amazing bike. Yep, at this point, you'll definitely start
seeing a cycle, in multiple senses of the Word. Fortunately for you, this one is just as good,
if not better, than the last! The Honbike Uni4 features a simple design
that makes it perfect for urban use, suitable For all users. Honbike's new Uni4 e-bike has the look of
a regular bicycle but provides customers with All of the benefits that come with simple,
easy-to-use e-bikes. With its 7000 series aircraft-grade aluminum
frame, it is both lightweight and rigid, unlike The more typical 6000 series aluminum used
in most bicycles. So, zoom through traffic in style with this
one! My SuperCase- Would you believe us if we told you that we
have a briefcase that's so light, it's practically Like it doesn't even exist? Well, ha! We fooled ya! My SuperCase is a unique type of suitcase
that is designed to reduce the strain that Traditional luggage puts on the body and provide
a more comfortable travel experience.

It is easily recognizable by its U-shaped
design and is supported by an electromagnetic Balance mechanism that allows it to glide
effortlessly when being carried. The self-supporting design eliminates the
need to lug around heavy bags, making it perfect For use by elders or youngsters. You can even hit someone with it if you need
to – you won't feel its weight, but they will! Kincase- This remarkable contraption looks as if it's
been taken from a Mission Impossible spy movie. I'm waiting for Tom Cruise to drop from the
sky any second now… The Tripper Bag is an ideal companion for
both long and short trips; its unparalleled Capabilities and modular packing tools will
give you a sense of freedom and fearlessness. Don't be deceived by its sleek look; the design
emphasizes comfort with padded shoulder straps And back padding. When you carry the Tripper Bag, you'll get
a lot of admiring looks, so show it off! The Tripper Bag is "the art of packing," with
four powerful modular packing tools, 25 pockets, And over 15 unique features. That's more pockets than I'll ever know what
to do with! So, which product was your fave? Let us know in the comments and don't forget
to hit that big ol' thumbs up and subscribe Button. Until next time, peace out y'all!