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Gyroplanesis Gyroplane nieces is every Pilot's dream Picture the perfect marriage between the Speed and nimbleness of a helicopter With the Precision capabilities of an Airplane nieces creates that Union Through the use of a rotor that replaces Your traditional wings with a propeller You're able to get a combination of lift And forward motion letting you take off Lean in fast Denise's is really easy to Pilot made For the modern flying Enthusiast the Anesis lets you lift off in all weather Conditions and it has a really short Landing and takeoff window what sets the Nieces apart from other gyrocopters is The price it costs a fraction of the Price to maintain and its usage costs Are much less than traditional Helicopters the cockpit is kitted out With anatomic Comfort Seats making sure That you and your passenger are ready For your long journey Theseus has also Released a gaming simulation that lets You learn how to fly their gyrocopters Nisas has a mission to bring Urban Mobility to the world through making an Affordable and easy to use personal Aircraft and we salute them Foreign Xho1 Ho1 is the sibling to the award-winning Hadrian X the world's first robotic

Bricklaying unit there have been Significant improvements for the h01 the H01 can now bricklay between existing Houses using a series of prefabbed Pallet loaded bricks the h01 Meticulously applies an adhesive two Times stronger than regular mortar and Places them in a precise order per a cad File what makes the h01 an incredible Unit is its dedication to zero waste FBR Is committed to environmental practices Ensuring no brakes go to waste with its Remote controlled system through a Single tablet a user can control the Whole system from pallet site management To the actual construction laying Process h01 includes Dynamic Stabilization technology which ensures That any interference and vibrations are Taken into account in real time during The bricklaying process FBR is looking to partner with Businesses all over the world they want Their mission of robotic Sustainable Building to be accessible to anyone in The construction industry [Music] Thank you Sarco's Guardian XO Guardian EXO is the latest exoskeleton From the team at sarcos it's the world's First battery-powered robot that turns You into a real-life RoboCop it's the Perfect tool for your Workforce that

Augments the operator's strength without Restricting form or movement this lets Your team boost productivity and reduces The amount of injuries sustained on the Job it's perfect for any job that Requires manual labor whether it's in The field of construction or picking in Warehouses the guardian EXO helps you Reach further than your full potential It gives you up to 200 pounds of extra Strength that's typically more than 20 Times a regular person's strength and Get this the batteries used are hot Swappable so there's no Gap in usage if On the off chance power is lost to the Unit the passive braking system is Automatically introduced to ensure that There's no injury to the operator it Comes in a wide array of custom colors So you can design it to fit your Company's color scheme [Music] Thank you In motion RS In motion RS is an ultra high Performance transforming e-scooter this Scooter comes fully equipped with a 100 Mile range on a single battery charge And a top speed of 68 miles per hour It's totally waterproof and oh did I Mention it has a 50 incline climb the Scooter is an electric thrill like no Other the scooters will start shipping In early July 2023 the scooter comes in

At the reasonable price of 4595 US Dollars the inventors of this Scooter have called it the Bugatti of Electric scooters it's perfect for both On-road commuting and creating off-road Havoc with four adjustable levels of Off-road SUV sedan and sports mode it's Perfect for a wide variety of users the Guys at in motion have smashed their Kickstarter goal by over 15 times making This one heck of a successful campaign However shipping is limited to the United States for the first round of Funding with other countries opening up Soon hopefully Foreign [Music] Orbital O2 the orbital O2 is the most Powerful Marine tidal turbine in the World this is a game changer in the World of sustainable fuels orbital O2 Has a unique floating platform which is Moored via a series of anchors this Allows the turbine to capture powerful Title streams or river currents Underwater rotors then capture the dense Flowing energy from the turbine and move That electricity to an onshore power Facility for distribution The use of tidal waves in generating Energy has been scarcely used orbital is Taking advantage of the predictability Of tidal energy allowing for forward Planning and battery storage or for the

Production of synthetic fuel production O2 orbital is producing power in the UK Currently it produces enough electricity To power over 2 000 homes offsetting About 2 and 200 tons of carbon dioxide Per year it's a really positive future With the guys at orbital making the World safer for everyone through the Generation of climate-friendly energy Quantum solar system The quantum solar system is an amazing Tabletop conversational piece imagine Having our incredible solar system Around you for your viewing pleasure 24 7. it's a really tranquil setup oh and Uh it also levitates it's like the best Magic trick of all time The platform features super powerful Magnets that characterize the movement Of the planets as they float around the Sun aside from being a meditative piece Of art the platform can be used as an Educational tool for the young and old Alike what sets this piece apart from Anything else on the market is its Real-time sync with NASA so the planets Are always aligned modeling the true Pattern in space you have complete Control over the orbital speed if you Want more movement you can speed up the Revolution of the orbits bringing in as Fast as six days of movement in one Second the sun piece also doubles as a Powerful light not only Illuminating the

Space around it but mimicking the True Performance of the sun shipping is Estimated for December 2023. [Music] Amber Lucid won The Lucid one is an out of the box AI Planning robotic arm this arm has so Many features it's going to be tough to List them all but I'm gonna try the Lucid one is a lightweight zero code Robotic arm that comes with everything You need the arm mimics human biology so It provides very smooth movement Combined with the latest AI visuals it Locks onto object tracking and Orientates itself against any obstacles In its path The lucid1 software allows you to build Everything out with drag and drop Workflows utilizing no code for Programmatic functions you can also use Any PC phone or tablet as a remote Control over a lan if you want to extend The features of lucid1 you can use any Standard program language that's UDP Compliant from automated filming to Industrial design and creation this arm Can become an extension of your own the Guys at Amber have already hit their Kickstarter goal and the shipping of the Arm is expected in November 2023. [Music] Hi jeremia vertex Vertex is the ultimate underwater swarm

That takes auvs to the next level the Vertex differentiates itself from other Auvs by focusing on mass producing and An affordable cost this allows for easy Deployment in large numbers everything About the vertex is highly modular Letting you quickly upgrade and replace Components in a snap Vertex integrates the XO2 system from YSI which allows for all seven ports to Be loaded with any available sensors From the XO2 range Each vertex contains an ultra low Frequency radio system that's Specifically designed for robotic swarms This creates a multi-hop radio network With its Advanced distributed scheduling Algorithms interference is minimized Vertexes also have a novel distributed Acoustic localization system which is Really cool as each auv can be Triangulated based on its position with Other auvs in the fleet when you add in The GPS receiver that obtains a position Whenever an auv hits the surface then my Friends you get continuous position Information pretty neat huh so whether You need the conductivity temperature Depth or pressure of a large body of Water just keep in the back of your mind The vertex [Music] Thank you