11 Incredible Gadgets And Inventions on Amazon and Online

11 Incredible Gadgets And Inventions on Amazon and Online

In this video, we take a look at 11 amazing gadgets and inventions that are available on Amazon and other online stores.

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Future Tech Storefront – https://amzn.to/3iwYRCb
iPiX – https://ipix-the-ideal-case-for.kckb.st/92aa667b
Spiritus – https://bit.ly/3cfAd2f | https://amzn.to/3BVtLL1 (Alternative)
Kighka – https://bit.ly/3WnoyEd | https://amzn.to/3HWXKGs (Alternative)
Light Pong – https://bit.ly/3Vs3NWy
Blizwheel E-Scooter – https://bit.ly/3HVbnWG | https://amzn.to/3WGwDU5 (Alternative)
Mecascape – https://bit.ly/3YKRFTw
Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror – https://bit.ly/3W0tluE | https://amzn.to/3FVUyIi (Alternative)
Mezmocoin Infinity – https://bit.ly/3GiIous | https://amzn.to/3hX13CK (Alternative)
Sub – https://bit.ly/3Ggj603 | https://amzn.to/3VhF8nH (Alternative)
Nutrio – https://bit.ly/3PO5Djq
Perfamp – https://bit.ly/3C3s26z

Lensko_Lets – https://youtu.be/mSLuJYtl89Y

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0:59 Spiritus
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1:58 Light Pong
2:38 Blizwheel E-Scooter
3:35 Mecascape
4:23 Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror
5:11 Mezmocoin Infinity
5:52 Sub
6:21 Nutrio
7:10 Perfamp


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Oh I see a showroom for your shoes that Diabolical looking thing of a bob sure Is something hey prepier than a prep Schooler oops it magically transformed Into a scooter well well well it looks Like you got yourself some Scorchers for Today giddy up I picks uh your smartphone your most Faithful and trusty companion you take It with you everywhere you go and like Most BFFs it's always got your back Literally introducing the eye picks the Latest and greatest phone case designed To help you make the top-notch Professional grade picks you've always Dreamed of not only does it have a Built-in battery that keeps your phone From being drained it also wirelessly Charges itself and even provides up to 60 charge for your iPhone a must-have For all the photo Buffs out there eye Picks will have you Mastering the Art of Photography in no time Foreign Is your mouth watering yet whether You're the type who drools over the Smells wafting from your grandma's Living room on Christmas or you know if You're a bear that actually drools over The smells coming from the woods Spiritus has the cure for you this Diffuser looks like a nice wooden wall Clock and it glows the same color of Warm Embers perfect for all you Style

Savvy folks out there Kaika okay so you don't like having too Many shoes but no room for them well you Need kaika this creative shoe storage Box is perfect for organizing your Collection plus the unique glass side Lets you show off the lovely profile of Your shoe and if you're needing more Space to store you can link and stack Multiple kyga boxes but that's not all It also comes with a voice activated LED Light strip so you can make your shoes Shine just by Clapping Your Hands make Your life easier with kaika the All-in-one storage solution Light pong welcome to the world of light Pong the maddest one-liner out there the Next level Saturday night hookup that Would level up your party no matter what Your age this game will light the room With fun and no it's not a typo you can Play alone or with a partner participate In all kinds of creative contests and Never be bored in fact with light pong You're always just one line away from The perfect game and with the developers Constantly dreaming up new challenges You won't get bored even after years of Play so don't be shy take the plunge and Join in on this fantastic journey of 1D Gaming Blitzwheel e-scooter are you kidding me A portable e-scooter that transforms Into a mini mini robot consider me sold

The blitzwheel e-scooter is like your Own personal knight in shining armor You'll never have to deal with pesky Traffic or Dreadful parking spots ever Again with its Sleek ride and super Convenient size think of it as a super Powered walking stick except seventy Percent lighter and much faster plus if You want a hands-free experience you can Make it stand alone so whether you're Rushing to class after the bus or just Want to conveniently check your messages In between shops the blitz wheel is Exactly what you need and its looks Utterly breathtaking with battery Powered LED turn signals at the front And back gives you the safety and style You're looking for so if you need a Quick ride around campus or faster means Of transportation to work blizz wheel Will be your answer Mech Escape Holy cow this must be the favorite Timepiece of the dark lord just look at It and tell me it doesn't look like Something straight out of a Gothic Horror movie from the 1860s the mech Escape is a neat device that serves as a Portable clock but can also function as A desk clock it's powered by this Manually wound movement with an 8-day Power reserve it looks like a modern Open worked watch but it is actually a Regulator style display with each

Indication in its own sub-dial wow just Looking at how all the inner workings Move and flutter is enough to make your Head spin this strange timepiece isn't Quite like any wristwatch you'll find But it is sure to be appreciated by any Watch Enthusiast but hey if it starts to Chime and I start getting lifted up in The air just be sure to put on my Favorite jams or vechnas gonna come After me Verdara voice lighted mirror mirror Mirror on the wall who's the hippest of Us all have you seen the latest and Greatest Gizmo when it comes to glamming It up in the bathroom we're talking About verdara the snazzy voice activated Mirror that lights up with Alexa's help That's right you don't even need to Fumble around with a light switch Because you can just ask Alexa and She'll do the work for you install it Without any effort and you will think It's not a mirror it looks too cool with The fancy night light and the perfect Stereo makes it plays all you need to do Is take your time in the bathroom ask Alexa for the weather report wake it up With a fun joke and you'll be looking Spiffy in no time with verdara your Bathroom will never seem so good Mesmacoin Infinity Nah that ain't no Beyblade but it's just As awesome if you ask me the mesma coin

Infinity is a dazzling top that can spin For almost 25 minutes when it's in twirl Wow it creates a colorful show that Looks like infinite ripples pouring into The surface of whatever you place on it It's kind of like being under a hypnosis Spell with the way it moves the inventor Is done figured out some real clever Milling technique to get this eye trick With the grooves reflecting the light in An amazing way even when it ain't Spinning it'll still give you some 3D Illusions from different angles a work Of art moving and spinning and Mesmerizing you might yeah Count Me In Sub it may not be the biggest but listen Up size ain't nothing all that matters Is what you gonna do with it and now I'm Not talking about you unless you want to Be we're here to talk about this Intriguing little invention the sub it Looks like a mix between a bullet and a Top but not a top toy and it's powered By batteries that can last a whole year Yeah yeah it might not be the most Powerful choice you got but it's Certainly got its uses Nutrio nutrio is a real Protege of a Chopping board it can track your food Believe it or not it recognizes Something as mundane as a fresh carrot And even something as delightful as a Deep fried cheeseburger when you place Any ingredient on nutrio's chopping

Board it will Almost Do a happy dance And identify the food while calculating Its real calorie and other nutritional Information Who needs a Smartphone when you can even Get your meal tracking done with a Single device just like a boss don't Worry if you want to watch a rerun of Friends while making dinner nutrio will Automatically send recorded data such as Meals and weight to your smartphone like A loyal secretary as long as you do your Part with this genius via the Aurora Lighthouse app so don't stand around and Put it off just get cooking and nutrio Will do the rest Perf amp have you ever been cuddled up In bed at night and thought this blanket Just isn't doing the job well worry no More perf amps got your back with their Incredible graphene blanket not only Does it heat itself up in an astonishing Three seconds but it'll stay toasty warm Too and the cherry on top it's so soft That even if you were at the South Pole You would still feel like you were Actually nestled in a bear's fur and if That wasn't enough you'll even get a Cute vest to match far infrared therapy Too yeah I know outrageous so never fear Perfam's here to make sure you stay as Snug as a bug in a rug All right so tell us which product was Totally your jam we need to know so

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