10 Coolest Amazon Gadgets You Can Buy

10 Coolest Amazon Gadgets You Can Buy

10 Coolest Amazon Gadgets You Can Buy

Limbic Active – https://lymb.io/products/lymb-one-physical-gaming-system
Subnado – https://amzn.to/44J6VCr
BROOMBI – https://amzn.to/3rlELPs
Hyperice X – https://amzn.to/3JZHPrc ‎
Turtlebox Gen 2 – https://amzn.to/44qeQ7r
Nanoleaf Elements – https://amzn.to/44JVL0d
Memobottle – https://amzn.to/3Xy5btw
Dell Ultrasharp Webcam – https://amzn.to/3NY9ivQ
LifePod 2.0 – https://amzn.to/44sTYMZ
ZOLEO – https://amzn.to/3NzxFOW | https://www.zoleo.com/en-us/satellite-communicator

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3:37 Hyperice X
4:32 Turtlebox Gen 2
5:32 Nanoleaf Elements
6:41 Memobottle
7:32 Dell Ultrasharp Webcam
8:29 LifePod 2.0
9:15 ZOLEO
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[Music] Limbic active limbic active is a Fantastic new physical gaming system it Motivates you to be active using a fun New Innovative and interactive way All you need is a wall and using a Projector you can play your favorite Ball games join a huge selection of Fitness classes and play a whole lot of Various games limbic has 30 Pre-installed extra games yeah that's Right extra games these games are Designed to improve your strength Endurance flexibility and of course Motor skills limbic active uses motion Tracking technology that gives you Instant feedback you can train Effectively and safely limbic also Provide a guarantee for early adopters Any new app released on the limbic Platform will be free for everyone who Joined early it's not just for adults Even kids love to play with limbic with Specific educational games built in they Can learn math geography and improve Their memory skills and hand-eye Coordination the system is also opened Up so you can create your own apps using Unity and Godot game engines you can Play with up to five people and burn 300 Calories per half hour coming in at over 3 Grand and it's an investment in your Health Subnato subnato is a really fun

Underwater scooter that's Compact and Portable and hands-free the subnato Underwater scooter is controlled by a Finger ring letting you use your hands For other operations while you explore Under the deep seas It has a max depth range of 60 meters And it can go as fast as 1.4 meters per Second or if you use two you can reach Speeds of 2 meters per second You can use a whole bunch of accessories And mount up to three at the same time And it can be used for a whole heap of Activities from sup surfboarding or Scuba diving it's made with the user in Mind with quick release mounting you can Easily attach and detach at a moment's Notice in charges over USBC and can be Fully charged in just over an hour the Battery is a powerful 98 watt hour Lithium-ion battery and you can travel With it yes it's airline approved Clocking in at 500 euros it's the Perfect companion to the scuba Enthusiast [Music] Broom B is an all-surface silicone broom It's got a built-in squeegee and pet Hair remover it's great for indoor Cleaning and it can clean glass get rid Of fine dust and works on smooth floors Rugs and windows the Roomba is so Versatile it can get every single Shard Of broken glass and it can also clean up

Any liquid spills accidentally dropped a Glass of water no worries you can get The glass and the water at the same time It can also get every bit of coffee or Sugar granules should you happen to Knock them over on your carpet the way It works is thanks to the patented quad Blade technology it creates a static Electricity field which attracts hair And fine dust you can clean every nook And if you happen to have them crannies Of your Abode broomy is so lightweight And so durable it is touted to last for Years packed with features the broomy Broom also has a telescopic pole that Adjusts from 36 inches to 55 inches Foreign [Music] X Hyper ice X knee is a portable contrast Therapy device that switches between hot And cold therapy hyper ice X is app Controlled and switches between either Therapy modes in less than a minute There's not a change in temperature when Using it unlike other cold and hot Therapy applications this never deviates From its set temperature it's so Adaptive it lets you move freely it's Automated it doesn't have any cords and Doesn't need any prep how awesome is That you can also travel with a hyper Ice X because it's been TSA approved so If you need help on the plane this works

Perfectly it weighs a measly two pounds And has 1.5 hours of battery life on a Single charge it comes in at four Hundred dollars but if you're having Knee pain you've finally found relief [Music] Turtle Box Gen 2 The Turtle Box Gen 2 is Allowed very very loud outdoor portable Bluetooth 5.0 speaker it's rugged and Waterproof to IP67 standards it's Completely impact resistant and dust Proof Turtle Box provides a rich and Rugged full sound and you can pair Multiple units for True stereo sound and As I've mentioned before it's very loud 120 decibels of distortion free crystal Clear loud audio You get 25 hours of playback in an easy Listening volume but at the max volume You get 6 hours so you can really keep The party going all night long or at Least until the neighbors complain What's in the box great question you get A Class D powerful efficient amplifier 1.5 inches of a titanium Tweeter and Woofers yeah they're made of fiberglass Speaker cone with rubber surround and a High efficiency driver Yeah Nanoleaf elements nanoleaf elements Provides a nature-inspired smart Deco That harmonizes elements of art and Technology they're beautiful and Completely customizable with ambient

Lighting they really uplift a room on or Off nanoleaf is modular so you can Design your own unique layouts and using The inbuilt AR feature of the nanoleaf App you can explore different panel Layouts before you assemble it you've Got over 11 different inbuilt curated Scenes ranging from calming waterfalls To glowing Embers nanoleaf also reacts To touch and music so you can interact With each piece of art you create and Have it move around to suit your mood With a beautiful wood grain veneer these Leaves look amazing on or off you don't Need any tools for installation with Professional grade non-scratch mounting Tape installed on the back of each Leaf You can mount wherever you want as long As it's on a flat surface you've got 25 000 hours of illuminated life per leaf And each panel has 22 lumens flux per Panel Memo bottle memo bottle is a flat water Bottle that's designed to fit in your Bag completely BPA free and holds 12 Ounces this bottle includes a stainless Steel lid so all your contents are Protected and won't spill out truly a Revolution in liquid holding technology What makes this bottle interesting is Its bag fitting design you can put this In a handbag backpack you can yes hold This in your hand while you jog or run You can hydrate on the go unlike

Traditional water bottles that are Portable this water bottle is well also Portable you do get a two-year Manufacturing replacement warranty Should your bottle ever leak easy to Clean and dishwasher safe it's really an Innovation in liquid containers Dell Ultra Sharp the Dell Ultra sharp is A 4K webcam with baked in privacy cover It has a Sony starve CMOS IR proximity Sensor and it's made of black anodized Aluminum it's specifically for Windows Devices sorry Max it's really Professional quality it captures more Light which gives you a clear and Vibrant picture and Vivid Video imagery And it keeps you yes you the user in Focus the AI Auto framing keeps you Tracked and in Center the whole time It's designed to be effortless it's Unobtrusive and eye-catching you get an Unblocked view on a borderless monitor You can customize the cam to capture you Whether the field of view is 60 degrees 78 degrees or 90 degrees with the Inbuilt facial recognition Tech you can Be automatically logged in when starting A meeting and you can lock up your Workspace when you walk away Life pod 2.0 Voltek have just released the life pod 2.0 which is a secure waterproof travel Case with a rugged electronic lock box It's a travel organizer portable handgun

Case with a backlit keypad This is the perfect everyday travel case When you want to make sure your Firearms Are safe but within reach whether it's Defending Your Country defending a Lady's honor or just wanting to make Sure you're ready for pistols and Dawn The value Tech life pod 2.0 has you Covered and the whole thing is powered With a 9-volt battery don't have a spare Nine volt battery floating around just Take it out of your smoke detector and Chuck it into the life pod great for gun Nuts and gun nut spouses alike Zolio Zolio is a fantastic two-way satellite Communicator with global SMS text Messaging and email as well as emergency SOS alerting and check-in and GPS Location This cool device syncs with your phone And keeps you connected even when you Don't have cell phone coverage plans for The zolio started 18 quid per month and Provide unlimited check-ins you can Literally message anyone from anywhere On Earth you get your own SMS text Number and email address with the zolio If you use the SOS function your GPS Coordinates are sent directly to Experts247 who can assess the situation And send out help the zolio is built to Last the lithium-ion battery on board Gives you over 200 hours of continuous

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