Most Useful Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

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Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts to perform certain functions used in Google Chrome for Windows.

If you are not much for the mouse - Google Chrome has lots of built-in Quick Launch keyboard shortcuts Here are a few of my absolute favorites:-

  • Ctrl+Tab cycles through open tabs; Ctrl+Shift+Tab reverse cycles through open tabs.
  • Ctrl+W closes the current tab.
  • Ctrl+B toggles the bookmarks bar on and off. >> supports Chrome browser
  • Alt+Home loads your homepage.
  • Ctrl++, Ctrl+-, Ctrl+0 Enlarges, reduces, and restores default text sizes, respectively.
  • Ctrl+1 through 9 switches to a particular open tab position.
  • Ctrl+H opens the History tab.
  • Ctrl+Shift+N opens a new window in "Incognito Mode." >> supports Chrome browser
  • Ctrl+J opens the Downloads tab.
  • Ctrl+K moves your cursor to the address bar to enter a Google search.
  • Shift+Escape opens Google Chrome's Task Manager. >> supports Chrome browser
  • Ctrl+L to move your cursor to the address bar.
  • Ctrl+N opens a new window.
  • Ctrl+R refreshes the current page.
  • Ctrl+Shift+T opens the last closed tab.
  • Ctrl+T opens a new tab.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips, and Tricks Video Link

Note: Microsoft site says "Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. Keyboard shortcuts can make it easier to interact with your computer, saving you time and effort as you work with Windows and other programs."

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